Wednesday Evening, April 8

Once again… God is gracious. We had awesome church one more time. Clayton started service and the theme of “Give God Some Praise” came heavily into the house! People were worshipping and praying and the Spirit of God accomplished something that we could never have done.
Tonight’s word is this: We praise God for the mighty things he has done… and we should never NOT praise Him because of the stupid things that people may do! He is WORTHY of our HIGHEST PRAISE!
Here the ladies are praying with Sis. Sally Rayner.
The girls praying with Tiffany…
Interceding with Vangie…
Clay and Saffron leading worship…
Tiffany getting a blessing…

Sunday, April 5

It seems redundant to simply say that we had great church again this weekend. What we really had was a good move of the Holy Ghost! We were also honored to have seven guests with us in service. May God richly bless them!

Sunday Morning, the Word of God definitely ministered and the message of the hour was a call to determine our motivations for serving God. Using Judges 17 & 18 as our jumping off place, we had to decide if we were serving out of love, or for “Ten Shekels and a Shirt”, like the Levite in the text. He was content to serve God for that… but only until he got a better offer. His devotion was so flexible that all it took to change his master was a higher rate of pay and the chance to have a larger crowd!

Sunday Night, the choir ministered with two great songs and we were inspired to continue ‘sowing the seed’ by almost every testimony. Thank God for people who will lay aside pride and allow God to use them. The service ended¬†with the men running the aisles while the preaching was still going forward (a first for our church, I think). We are so excited about what God is doing and we want to come to every service believing that ‘This Could Be the One!”


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

God was in the house again tonight! I don’t know what we did to deserve this (nothing, I know), ¬†but Jesus has been visiting with us in amazing ways. So many touched tonight…

I preached, but not what I had studied. We read the text and leaving the notes behind, we talked about the Oneness of God! Wow… I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is!!!

Maybe next week we’ll get back to “He Walks with Failures… as if They Never Failed!”