Coming Up…

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, June 30th will be the Sunday School Fun Night. Activities will begin at the church at 6PM and the kids can be picked up at 8PM. They will be served sundaes, so they will certainly need supper before they arrive. God Bless our Sunday School classes and their teachers!!!

Monday Evening, June 29

Tonight we enjoyed a grand conclusion to our first month of revival services… a reminder that our God sees ‘Beyond Our Evidently’. From Genesis 37, the evangelist drew out in our mind’s eye the picture of Jacob, looking at Joseph’s jacket and drawing what was, evidently, a conclusion regarding the life of his son.

There really was nothing wrong with the conclusion. All the signs pointed to it. Every shred of physical evidence indicated that, yes, his son was dead. His mistake was not in believing that something bad happened… it was when he ‘refused to be comforted’.

In each of our lives, we have situations that indeed are bad situations. We get bad doctors reports… big bills in the mail… setbacks on the job… and it’s okay to believe those reports. Those are the facts. But in the midst of it all, we can NEVER stop being comforted by the fact that there is a God who looks “Beyond Our Evidently” and has a plan!!

In the words of a song that we like to sing around here:
The truth is, you’re not forsaken
The truth is, you won’t be denied
The facts may be stacked up against you right now
But the truth is, God’s on your side.


The stage was set last night and faith was high as we entered into the sanctuary today at 2 PM for our Super Sunday service. We had three more first-time guests in service with us and Heaven came near as we worshipped and lifted up the name of Jesus.

Bro. Channell preached to us about being ‘Unapologetically Apostolic’ and the altar was filled with rejoicing APOSTOLICS when he was finished. Thank you to each and every one of the members of MPC who followed the leading of the Holy Ghost and for an evangelist who knows how to tune in to the Spirit. To finish off, there is just one thing we can say after that service…

I won’t change it, rearrange it, I love it just like it is
I love it just like it is
I love it just like it is
It still fills me, and thrills me, like nothing else could ever do
And if you’ll just take it like it is
It’ll do the same for you!

Saturday Evening, June 27

The weekend kicked off on Saturday Evening with an expectation in all of our hearts… I wonder what will happen this weekend!

Jesus didn’t disappoint us, and Bro. Channell didn’t either. He preached to us from the story of David after Ziklag was burned and their families taken. “Setup or Setback” was the title of the message and the challenge was made to every one of us to ask direction from God… should be pursue or stay put? The resounding answer from the heart of God EVERY TIME will be PURSUE, OVERTAKE and RECOVER ALL!

Whether it be backslidden family, co-workers, or simply situations that happen in everyday life, we can rest assured that God knows where we are and his intention is that we would recover whatever the enemy has stolen in our lives. Let’s do it… together!

Tuesday Evening, June 23

We have concluded our third weekend of revival services with Bro. Channell and are happy to report an even larger turnout for our second service in Saint John. A total of 53 people attended and we thank each one for your sacrifice of both time and finances to travel there.

Bro. Rex Lewis opened service with “In His Hands” and a sweet presence filled the conference room. I think it even drifted down the hall a bit, because people kept ‘checking’ on us through the evening.

Bro. Channell preached that “It’s Time to Go” and there was a definite call to action during the altar call. May God help all of us to be of some use to the Kingdom of God and take somebody with us when it comes our time to go!!!