Sunday Evening, June 21

We came back to a wonderful sitting in the Holy Ghost tonight. Bro. Rex Lewis led the service and before very many minutes had passed, THE TOUCH came in the room and there was much weeping… and eventually, much rejoicing.

Bro. Channell preached to us about “The Finishing Touch of Sin” and it would not be an understatement to say that I will never read the story of Adam and Eve’s fall from favor the same again. As his self-described ‘hyperactive imagination’ kicked in, we got to listen in as they discussed the consequences of their actions… how long did it take to get a taste of that death that was promised???

But eventually, that final consequence of sin is going to be dealt with. John said that a day would come when ‘death and hell would be cast into the lake of fire.’ When “The Finishing Touch” is put on sin, I want to be there to see it’s demise!

After the message, the altars were again filled and we are looking forward to the service tomorrow night. If you’re in the area… we’d love to see you!

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