Monday Evening, June 22

We are finished with another week of revival meetings here at MPC. Is it going by way too fast, or is that just me??? I know we’re all weary in body and our throats are scratchy and barely get time to recover, but I hope we can get everything there is to get out of these times before they are gone forever… and may we, as a church, never be the same!

Monday Evening’s service was a perfect ending to one weekend and a great segue into the next… a reminder that “God is Not Surprised by the Endtime!” And the solution for the ailments that accompany these closing moments of time is simple… just preach the word!

The service ended with a reminder that we need to hear a word from God and a call for everyone of us to commit, not just to being a hearer of the Word, but a dedicated follower of that Word!

Now, let’s take advantage of our days off so we’ll be rested up for this coming weekend! God’s gonna finish just what he started…

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