Top 10 Most Wanted Men

Please be on the alert for any man who fits the following descriptions.

If you find one… thank him.
If you can’t… please pray! Our world needs them badly!

1. The man who tries to be the right example.
2. The man who has a passion for souls.
3. The man who is willing to say, “I was wrong. I’m sorry.”
4. The man who will look squarely at temptation and say, “NO!”
5 The man who puts God’s business first.
6. The man who has a ready smile and a cheery “Hello.”
7. The man who brings his children to church instead of sending them.
8. The man who gives his time, money, and talent without thought of return.
9. The man who can see his own faults and confess them.
10. The man who will go the second mile without grumbling.

~ Author Unknown

We’re Back…

After a short hiatus, unintended though it was, we are back to blog about the exciting things taking place here at MPC. Evangelist Justin Channell and his family were with us again last weekend. We were honored to have their daughter, Savannah (7), sing for us on Saturday evening. Most of all, we are excited about the spirit of revival that remains prevalent amongs us.

On Saturday, we heard a tremendous message titled, “He is the Mighty God!” what a great reminder that, yes, He really is! Great time of faith building.

On Sunday morning the evangelist got a break and the pastor preached to us about “The Locusts’ Focus” from Proverbs 30! What a great time in the Holy Ghost.

Sunday Night, we were encouraged to renew rig, as he preached about “Beyond Praise”. Drawing from the story of Leah and the naming of her sons, he showed us how she was so consumed in winning the approval and affection of everyone else, that it took her four attempts to put praise in the lineup. If she had only done that with the first son, instead of waiting ’til the fourth, just what COULD God have done for her?

Monday Night we were inspired to challenge the devil with a declaration of faith: “I Want My Stuff Back!” Many were moved by the Holy Ghost and there was much rejoicing during the altar service with some folks determining to not let their mind be the devil’s workshop for another day. In your face, devil… we’re coming to get our stuff!

“There Will be a Church in the Wilderness” was the title of Tuesday Night’s message, and what a message it was. Several verbally expressed their thankfulness for the timeliness of the message. It’s great to know that when you are in your driest times… God still has his hand on the wheel and there will ALWAYS be a church in the wilderness.

On Wednesday, we had both Bro. & Sis. Channell speak to us. We simply asked them to talk to us about soul-winning, witnessing and outreach programs and ideas that they have been exposed to. We all left the service enriched by their ideas and encouraged by the stories of success that have issued from the efforts of their home church congregation. May God continue to bless them… and may we catch the burden to ‘win that soul’ for Him!

Let’s stay in ‘Revival Mode’ and keep inviting those visitors out to church. Sow the seed and let God give the increase!

Another Baptism

I can’t believe that we forgot to blog the exciting news about Eric. He and Kim have been coming to church for awhile and last weekend, on Sunday Morning, he took that next step of faith and was baptized in the lovely name of Jesus Christ for the remission of his sins!!! A few photos of this event can be found in the Baptism section of our Photo Gallery.

What a privilege of ours it is to see yet another soul have their sins washed away, never to be remembered again! May God continue to satisfy the hunger of this young couple’s hearts and lead them into a complete salvation experience… just like our spiritual forerunners on the Day of Pentecost!!

If you have questions about this, please read Acts chapter 2… and visit us here at MPC! God Bless!

Sunday with the Worthen Family

MPC was blessed to have in service with us on Sunday, July 12, Pastor Larry Worthen from Murphysboro, Illinois. Both his wife and their two children, Karissa and Kyler, were able to be with us also.

Sunday Morning he preached to us about “The Spirit of Obededom”, an incredible message that ensured none of us will see that story the same again. Jesus, give us a ‘pick me’ attitude when it comes to the things of God!! Once we’ve had a taste of that presence, we NEVER want to let it go. Rather, wherever it goes, whatever is required… we want to be following in it’s path.

On Sunday Evening we were treated to another powerful message of encouragement, making it perfectly clear to us all that while we do have an adversary, and he is trying his best to make an attack and an inroad into our lives, there is a hope. “You Can Survive in Lion Country” reminded us that it takes some planning, but we don’t have to fall to the wiles of teh devil. There are some steps we can take that can guarantee our spiritual survival. We must not travel alone (forsake not the assembling of ourselves together), we must find a way to make ourselves look bigger than we are (praising God), don’t be caught without a weapon (The Word… let us hide it in our heart), and don’t leave things laying around that give the adversary a place to hide (lay aside every weight and sin), especially where the children are playing.

What a day we had as we were also blessed with the singing of Sis. Worthen! May God bless the Worthen family and protect them as they travel home. We are already looking forward to a return trip.

The Closer You Get to the Cross…

The closer you get to the cross, to full commitment to God and the things of His kingdom, the thinner the crowd is going to be. Even Jesus saw this evidenced in his ministry.

5,000 showed up for a picnic
500 showed up for a sermon
120 showed up for a prayer meeting
8 waited outside the garden
3 came inside the garden
1 stood beside the cross

As the Gospels relate, it is surely true that MANY are called, but FEW are chosen! I’m glad that one day I heard HIS call.

Pastor Appreciation

Sunday, July 5th, MPC proudly honored their pastor and his family for their 10 years of dedication to the call of God on their lives. Every member of the church, from young to old, happily participated in whatever way they could to make this an event for the Hanscom’s to remember for years to come. The theme, “Looking Back . . . Reaching Forward” was aptly named and demonstrated in the various activities that took place.

The program started off with Bro. Levi Lewis honoring Grampy & Grammy Hanscom for the strong values they instilled in Pastor Hanscom for which we all benefit from today. Our Pastor’s girls, Vangie & Carissa, were recognized and given cards and a fairly large gift of money each. Then, the Sunday School children, all proudly participated in a cute demonstration where they each presented their Pastor with an item that held a double meaning. For example, items from sandpaper (for smoothing off the rough edges of us all) to Tylenol (for all the headaches we’ve caused) to chocolate kisses, were taken by each child and given to their pastor.

Bro. Clay Goodine delivered a powerful, emotional speech to Pastor Hanscom. Then a skit directed by Sis. Karen Reid was performed to the song, “Thank You for Giving To The Lord”. Followed by Sis. Jane Lewis, who delivered a heartfelt speech on behalf of all the ladies, extolling the many talents of our wonderful pastor’s wife. We truly are blessed to have Pastor & Sis.Hanscom.

The choir came together to sing, “I Want To Thank You”, a song rewritten by one of the local saints in honor of this special day. Bro. Levi Lewis gave the final speech that touched the hearts of all who were present, and presented Hanscom’s with a substantial offering from the church family. A slideshow of pictures from the past 10 years finished off the program before everyone went downstairs for a fancy pasta meal.

Bro. Steven Goodine, Bro. Barry Pratt, Evan Pratt, and Brendon Lewis entertained everyone with music. Tiffany Rayner played her violin and Bro. Ryan Diamond kept everyone laughing with his ‘pastor jokes’. The young people finished off the day’s events with a skit called the “Pastor’s Barbeque”, which although funny, is so true. All in all, everyone at MPC enjoyed the day spent honoring the best Pastor in the world, and no one had better try disputing that with any one of them!

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