Pastor Appreciation

Sunday, July 5th, MPC proudly honored their pastor and his family for their 10 years of dedication to the call of God on their lives. Every member of the church, from young to old, happily participated in whatever way they could to make this an event for the Hanscom’s to remember for years to come. The theme, “Looking Back . . . Reaching Forward” was aptly named and demonstrated in the various activities that took place.

The program started off with Bro. Levi Lewis honoring Grampy & Grammy Hanscom for the strong values they instilled in Pastor Hanscom for which we all benefit from today. Our Pastor’s girls, Vangie & Carissa, were recognized and given cards and a fairly large gift of money each. Then, the Sunday School children, all proudly participated in a cute demonstration where they each presented their Pastor with an item that held a double meaning. For example, items from sandpaper (for smoothing off the rough edges of us all) to Tylenol (for all the headaches we’ve caused) to chocolate kisses, were taken by each child and given to their pastor.

Bro. Clay Goodine delivered a powerful, emotional speech to Pastor Hanscom. Then a skit directed by Sis. Karen Reid was performed to the song, “Thank You for Giving To The Lord”. Followed by Sis. Jane Lewis, who delivered a heartfelt speech on behalf of all the ladies, extolling the many talents of our wonderful pastor’s wife. We truly are blessed to have Pastor & Sis.Hanscom.

The choir came together to sing, “I Want To Thank You”, a song rewritten by one of the local saints in honor of this special day. Bro. Levi Lewis gave the final speech that touched the hearts of all who were present, and presented Hanscom’s with a substantial offering from the church family. A slideshow of pictures from the past 10 years finished off the program before everyone went downstairs for a fancy pasta meal.

Bro. Steven Goodine, Bro. Barry Pratt, Evan Pratt, and Brendon Lewis entertained everyone with music. Tiffany Rayner played her violin and Bro. Ryan Diamond kept everyone laughing with his ‘pastor jokes’. The young people finished off the day’s events with a skit called the “Pastor’s Barbeque”, which although funny, is so true. All in all, everyone at MPC enjoyed the day spent honoring the best Pastor in the world, and no one had better try disputing that with any one of them!

Posted by: One of the Family

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