Sunday with the Worthen Family

MPC was blessed to have in service with us on Sunday, July 12, Pastor Larry Worthen from Murphysboro, Illinois. Both his wife and their two children, Karissa and Kyler, were able to be with us also.

Sunday Morning he preached to us about “The Spirit of Obededom”, an incredible message that ensured none of us will see that story the same again. Jesus, give us a ‘pick me’ attitude when it comes to the things of God!! Once we’ve had a taste of that presence, we NEVER want to let it go. Rather, wherever it goes, whatever is required… we want to be following in it’s path.

On Sunday Evening we were treated to another powerful message of encouragement, making it perfectly clear to us all that while we do have an adversary, and he is trying his best to make an attack and an inroad into our lives, there is a hope. “You Can Survive in Lion Country” reminded us that it takes some planning, but we don’t have to fall to the wiles of teh devil. There are some steps we can take that can guarantee our spiritual survival. We must not travel alone (forsake not the assembling of ourselves together), we must find a way to make ourselves look bigger than we are (praising God), don’t be caught without a weapon (The Word… let us hide it in our heart), and don’t leave things laying around that give the adversary a place to hide (lay aside every weight and sin), especially where the children are playing.

What a day we had as we were also blessed with the singing of Sis. Worthen! May God bless the Worthen family and protect them as they travel home. We are already looking forward to a return trip.

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