We’re Back…

After a short hiatus, unintended though it was, we are back to blog about the exciting things taking place here at MPC. Evangelist Justin Channell and his family were with us again last weekend. We were honored to have their daughter, Savannah (7), sing for us on Saturday evening. Most of all, we are excited about the spirit of revival that remains prevalent amongs us.

On Saturday, we heard a tremendous message titled, “He is the Mighty God!” what a great reminder that, yes, He really is! Great time of faith building.

On Sunday morning the evangelist got a break and the pastor preached to us about “The Locusts’ Focus” from Proverbs 30! What a great time in the Holy Ghost.

Sunday Night, we were encouraged to renew rig, as he preached about “Beyond Praise”. Drawing from the story of Leah and the naming of her sons, he showed us how she was so consumed in winning the approval and affection of everyone else, that it took her four attempts to put praise in the lineup. If she had only done that with the first son, instead of waiting ’til the fourth, just what COULD God have done for her?

Monday Night we were inspired to challenge the devil with a declaration of faith: “I Want My Stuff Back!” Many were moved by the Holy Ghost and there was much rejoicing during the altar service with some folks determining to not let their mind be the devil’s workshop for another day. In your face, devil… we’re coming to get our stuff!

“There Will be a Church in the Wilderness” was the title of Tuesday Night’s message, and what a message it was. Several verbally expressed their thankfulness for the timeliness of the message. It’s great to know that when you are in your driest times… God still has his hand on the wheel and there will ALWAYS be a church in the wilderness.

On Wednesday, we had both Bro. & Sis. Channell speak to us. We simply asked them to talk to us about soul-winning, witnessing and outreach programs and ideas that they have been exposed to. We all left the service enriched by their ideas and encouraged by the stories of success that have issued from the efforts of their home church congregation. May God continue to bless them… and may we catch the burden to ‘win that soul’ for Him!

Let’s stay in ‘Revival Mode’ and keep inviting those visitors out to church. Sow the seed and let God give the increase!

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