Sunday Evening, August 2, 2009

A good move of the Holy Ghost settled into the house on Sunday Evening and we saw several receive a good blessing from the Lord during our time of worship.

Taking a text from 2 Samuel 10, we heard once again about the “Power of Unrelated Things.” It’s good to know that when you get in a battle that is too big for you, there is someone who is watching and will come running, letting you know that they’ve got your back. That is what church is supposed to be for!!!

So many things in life go together, or seem to. Yet sometimes we come to church and feel somewhat disconnected from everyone else in the congregation. But that is where the power of unrelated things really begins to show up.

Just as when certain metals are alloyed together they create powerful fields of magnetic force, when we come together and allow God to weld our weaknesses into something that is powerful, the church becomes a force to be reckoned with in our world!

Never forget the Power of Unrelated Things!

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