Our Primary Job

You know, the primary job of every Christian should first be to pray. It sounds simple and really it is… if it just weren’t for the fact that we want to do so much more than simply pray. There must be bigger chores and more important tasks, right? I mean, after all, we want to be more than the ‘average Joe’ where Jesus is concerned! Prayer can seem so… so… well, so small – maybe even insignificant – maybe pretty close to doing nothing at all.

But instead of using prayer as our personal 911 line to Heaven, let’s ‘seek Him early’. I have often told us as a church that we make a strategic error when we make prayer our last resort instead of our first line of defense (or even offense, when the times call for it).

Sometimes we think that if we can get God to move the way we want Him to, that will make Him look good, which will in turn make those who don’t know Him look at what WE HAVE JUST DONE and say, “I could serve a God like that!” If He would let us shine up his ego a little, we could gain a whole lot more people to play on His team, right???

Not really.
He wants us to PRAY.
Without Ceasing.
About Big Important Things.
About Little Insignificant Things.
When We Are Happy.
When We Are Sad.
Simply… ALWAYS!
Yes… He would even rather that you talk TO Him, than that you would talk ABOUT Him. He wants us to talk to Him about the unbeliever BEFORE we talk to the unbeliever about Him.

Yes… that’s prayer. The premiere focus of God’s people. The one conduit we have for communicating with Him. Let’s make it a ‘holy habit’!

God Bless!

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