Catching Up

Wow… a lot has gone on in the last couple of weeks. Been so busy haven’t even had time to update the blog.

First, we must say how much we enjoyed the ministry of Bro. Crawford Coon once again. It was a real treat for us to have he and Sis. Coon with us for both services on Sunday, October 4.

In the morning, he gave a wonderful message on “Temptation”, and on Sunday Night he spoke to us on the subject “Be Not Dismayed”. Both were exceptional messages and we will feast on them for months to come.

Last night, Wednesday, October 14, we were privileged to enjoy the ministry of Bro. Coon’s son-in-law and daughter and their family. It was a treat to spend some time with them and what a great message we heard last night. “The Gentile Experience” was one of those that left us thankful for the grafting in of the wild olive branch. With his unique style, Bro. McClure endeared himself to the church and we are looking forward to having them visit with us again in the future.

CD’s and MP3’s are available by request.

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