The following is a missionary article delivered to my inbox yesterday, written by Bro. Lambeth. I hope you enjoy…

Mudslide in Rio
Mudslide in Rio

The headlines blared the news: almost fifty souls perished in mudslides in the “eternal” city of Rio de Janeiro. Could those deaths have been avoided? Yes! Most, if not all of those deaths could have been avoided had they followed the guidelines of average good sense.

Like so many of this wayward generation, they sought for the cheap, easy, “smart” choice on their fast-track highway to quick-fix success! Not unlike the lotto fever that bites so many millions dreamers, believe me, there is really no quick fix to life’s destination to perdition!

Rio de Janeiro, the famous nightlife city of fun and folly is built midst a series of slippery hills… the very characteristic that gives the city its fame of beauty. The jet-set fly in and out on weekends…everyone arrives looking for sun and fun. Then, over time, the rough crowd and the thrill seeker also began moving in. With dire consequences!

Unlike the jet set, those that cover a sinful life with plenty of money to smooth the ripples of conscience… the other crowd moved in without money… and wanted access to the same sun (free!) and fun (sometimes paid with drugs).

So, the other crowd built cute houses on fragile stilts across the hills of Rio. The view was breathtaking from atop those hills. And, since it hardly EVER rains in Rio… the houses looked stable and secure for a lifetime of sand, sun and samba (the Brazilian musical rhythm).

Just as in the Bible, however, the rains DID COME! The rain poured on foolish men that thought some things just did not matter all that much. After all, why worry about the foundation if it NEVER storms on my life of prosperity and positive preaching (“god heals everything, always”)?

Why worry about laying a foundation of doctrinal stability? When tomorrow’s sun arises, we will, once again, be basking on the warm beaches of charismatic praise… never needing to bow a knee nor shed a tear of repentance and consecration. Why invest in “anti-mudslide” equipment when the ONLY Bible verse quoted is “… he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Ph. 1:6)!?! The hill-builders do not realize that BETWEEN today and the referred final performance of promise THERE WILL BE A STORM! Don’t forget, the Bible has more than one promise. Holy Writ ALSO promises storms! Those storms are the structural testers of your foundations!

The glee felt from cute prophecies does not SOLIDIFY the foundation! Seeing devils sent packing into pigs will NOT stabilize your own lifeline! According to the parable in Mathew, it is NOT ENOUGH just to prophesy or cast out devils. The STORM PROTECTOR is a fruitful life developed from solid rock preaching!

Believe me, the “let’s just praise the Lord” crowd has built their houses of worship on the slippery hills of sound and sight, carnal praise singers and soft preachers.

Meanwhile, solid rock preaching concerning sin, righteousness and judgment (John 16:8) is the ONLY thing that can establish our soul house on THE ROCK! Don’t cut corners while building your foundation! Lay it solid!

According to the news reporter the survivors said the sound of sliding mud was disconcerting and eerily haunting. Much too late to do anything about the foundation… the house was already sliding downhill.

I hear the rumbling of a mudslide is in the air… RUN TO THE ROCK!

~ Missionary John Bradley Lambeth

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