This Week at MPC – February 14

Morning prayer meetings beginning at 8:00 AM

Weekly Cleaners: Carmen Rayner Family

Tuesday, February 15: Community Bible Study @ 7:30PM
Wednesday, February 16: Bible Study @ 7:30 PM
Friday, February 18:Family Skate @ 10:30 PM
Saturday, February 19: Choir Practice @ 7:00 PM

Sunday, February 20:
Sunday School @ 10:00 AM
Morning Worship @ 10:30 AM
Evening Worship @ 6:00 PM
Evangelist Wade Townly and his family will be with us in service this Sunday!

Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Anniversary to Charles and Brenda Edgar (14th)
Happy Birthday to Basil Goodine (15th)
Happy Birthday to Blain Lewis (17th)
Happy Birthday to Steven Goodine (18th)
Happy Anniversary to Carmen and Sally Rayner (19th)

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