Belize Happenings

If you would like to keep up with the work in Belize through pictures and updates, I would encourage you to click the link and visit the blog that Sis. Hailey has started. You can sign up to receive updates from her blog just as you did ours.

There is a Facebook page by the same name that you can ‘friend’ or sign up to follow her on Twitter. Whatever you do, be sure and leave some words of encouragement in the comment section since that will insure a continued stream of posts (hint, hint… that works on our site as well…).

Thanks is such a Little Word…

Thank You
In the last few weeks, there have been a number of major projects that have been undertaken, and completed, by various men in the church. I want to take a moment here and thank each of you for your efforts.

Bro. Edgar oversaw the renovation of the new rooms in the church basement.
Several families took part in the installation of the hanging ceiling, relieving a lot of pressure from myself… your heart was in the right place and I thank everyone of you.
Bro. Rex installed the new windows in the church basement.
Bro. Jason built and installed the boxes around them, painting and trimming them as well.
Bro. Levi installed trim for us.
Bro. Warren FIXED the water problem in the parsonage basement by digging a trench and laying down new pipes to carry the water away. Bro. Carmen and Jesse helped him with this project.
Bro. Rex fixed the floor in the parsonage garage… Now Sis. Hanscom can park her vehicle in there again.
Bro. Jason replaced all the brakes on my vehicle and installed a new stereo.

There are also the ladies who have helped with the various functions that have gone on around the church in the last few weeks.

In reality, there are too many people to mention by name, because so many have pitched in and given of their time and money and effort.

May the Lord “bless you REAL GOOD!” You are the greatest…

This Week…

Morning Prayer – Daily beginning at 8:00 AM

Tuesday @ 5:45 – 3D Youth (Curling & St. Hubert’s)
Wednesday @ 7:30 PM – Worship & Word
Thursday @ 10:00 AM – CCA Christmas Party (Bowling & McDonald’s)
Friday @ 10:00 PM – CPC Family Skate
Friday @ 11:00 PM – CPC Men’s Hockey
Saturday: No Choir Practice

Service @ 10:30 AM
No Sunday School.
No Sunday Evening Service