Update on Bro. Carmen!! ~ Saturday Evening

As planned, the doctors performed further tests on Bro. Carmen today to see if surgery would be required. But… when they performed the tests, things that showed up on the x-ray yesterday simply were not there!!! The doctors said that yesterday there was a blockage, but today… NOTHING!

There is simply no explanation except “Jesus”! What an amazing God we serve!!! Thank you all for your prayers.

Due to soreness in his side, they are keeping him in until Tuesday so they can “find out” what happened and maybe determine the source of soreness. So… please continue to hold him up in your prayers!

Urgent Prayer Request

Sis. Sally sent me a text a bit ago, letting me know that Bro. Carmen is in the hospital. He has been having a very serious attack of a recurring illness and they are beginning to get concerned about him. He may need to see a surgeon in the morning.

If you could say a prayer for him tonight, I’m sure he and his family would be very grateful!

God Bless.

This Week…

The schedule for this week is now available on the front page of the Website.

3D Youth will be going to Dieppe Bowlarama on Tuesday Evening from 7 to 9 PM. Those travelling by bus will meet at the church at 6:20 PM. Cost to ride the bus will be $2.50. Bowling will be all-inclusive for $10. They will not be visiting a restaurant afterwards.

There will be Ice Activities this Friday at the Petitcodiac Arena.

Happy Birthday to…

Rex Lewis (17th)
Joanne Diamond (19th)
Susan Newcomb (19th)