This Week…

Good Day Everyone!!!

Was yesterday a day to remember, or what?! Still thanking Jesus for His touch.

I don’t know if any of you have picked it up, but both of Bro. Cox’s messages have been titled “It’s Time…” Maybe that’s our cue to just break loose and have an old-fashioned Holy Ghost Revival!

The schedule for this week has been posted on our website. Please visit there

Also, we want to say a big thanks to those who provided Cafe last night. More than $325 was raised for the Building Fund. Thanks to everyone who came!

Finally, Birthday wishes go out this week to…
Sis. Darci Lewis (13th)
Bro. Basil Goodine (15th)
Blaine Lewis (17th)
Bro. Steven Goodine (18th)

Also, Happy Anniversary to…
Charles & Brenda Edgar (14th)
Carmen & Sally Rayner (19th)

Finally, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Take the opportunity to buy some flowers and go out on a date with your special someone!

God Bless.
Let’s have some church this week!!!

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