This Week

The schedule for this week is posted.

PRAYER REQUEST – Please remember Sis. Lisa MacCallum’s family. Her uncle Perry’s sister passed away this week and his wife, Moe, JR’s mom, is in Moncton hospital ICU with a heart attack. Take this family on in your prayer time if you would. Thanks.

CCA Graduation – We also want to congratulate Miriam on her Graduation from CCA. The service will be held this Saturday at 2 PM. Come celebrate with her!

Also, now that we are nearly at the end of May, we probably should issue some Birthday and Anniversary Congratulations!

Happy Birthday this month to…
Bro. Gary Lockhart – 13th
Riley Lewis – 18th
Sis. Colinda Lockhart – 22nd
Elijah Lockhart – 22nd
Sis. Kate Lewis – 23rd
Sis. Hanscom – 23rd
Pastor Hanscom – 24th
Sis. Lisa MacCallum – 27th
Blake Edgar – 29th

Happy Anniversary to…
Bro. & Sis. Steven Goodine – 17th

Taking Care of Our Guests!

Good Morning, All!

Just dropping you a note to remind any of you who have yet to deliver apple pies to your guests, that it would be a great idea to let Sis. Melissa know so we can get that taken care of ASAP. Y’all are the greatest folks in the world and make me “Godly proud” to be your pastor. Love you, all!

Kid’s Choir

Just a reminder…

Kid’s Choir will have it’s initial practice today at 4:30 PM.

We are wanting to have them sing a song for the Awards Night along with the main choir.

What is the age limit??? Well, if they can stand (preferably still…LOL) we would love to have them here.

See ya in a minute!