So far…

We departed home around 3 PM. We made excellent time and everyone was having a grand time.

Then, as the nature of old vehicles sometimes dictates, we ended up stalled on the roadside with a blown seal in the bus… A least that is what the resident geniuses have determined. šŸ™‚

We will be checking it into the closest FORD dealership come morning. Please pray that they fit us in right away.

Since Six Flags was ruled out due to inclement weather, we may spend part of the day in Boston if we have to wait on the bus. We are only 25 miles north and there are a couple great museums and the JFK Presidential Library there. Who knows… and I’ve always wanted to go there! LOL

However, as we preached even this morning, God’s deliverance and our troubles ALWAYS coincide… So we’re going to crash here in Salem, MA, at the LaQuinta and get some Z’s, we will update you all tomorrow.

Pastor Jeff Hanscom

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