Greetings from… someplace out of touch with civilization :-)

Good afternoon!

Just wanted y’all to know that we are still, indeed, alive but the place where the youth camp is being held has "little to no – mostly no" service of any kind, so contact with anybody has been rare. We are having a good time with friends but we are anxious to get home!

The preaching has been awesome. Bro. Calhoun and Bro. Townley have outdid themselves and there has been a wonderful move of the Holy Ghost.

However, can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

Love you all!

This Week…

The schedule for events this week at CPC is now updated at the website.

Drop by the News & Updates to check out your friends birthdays and anniversaries.

We are missing everyone… badly! We have had a good time so far and we are heading off to conference tomorrow. Should be home late Saturday night.

See y’all on Sunday @ 2 PM. Bro. Christophersen has graciously agreed to stay and help me out on the weekend!!! Glad to hear about services in our absence! Makes us rest easier!

Love you guys! You’re the Best!!!

Pastor Hanscom

Ballgame Tonight

Hey, y’all! Hope you’re having a warm and wonderful day.

I’m just interrupting to tell you that we have an event scheduled for tonight for anyone who is interested in fun, fellowship and chasing round objects around a field!

What? A Ball Game!
Where? Salisbury Ball Diamond, front field with lightsWhen? Tonight (Thursday) at 7:30 PM
Cost? $2
Who can come? Anybody 11 and up.
Who’s in Charge? Bro. Eric Robitaille
What do I bring? Your favorite bat and glove, a good throwing arm and your best game! Oh, and a water bottle just in case the canteen doesn’t make it tonight!

Extra Details…
When we looked at the schedule from last year, we picked up a dramatic “dropoff” by the end of the summer, attributed no doubt in part to games taking place EVERY Monday night. So, this year, we are going to be doing it a little differently.
First, the games are going to be on Thursday night. While we have it reserved for every Thursday, we will be scheduling the adults to have the field every other Thursday, and on the alternating weeks, we are going to have it available for the younger set (12 and under) to come and learn how to play. This is not a setting where you will drop off your kids and then return to pick them up later. Parents will be required to both attend and participate in order to teach them the rules and to ensure good sportsmanship is learned as well.

News & Website Notes

Good Afternoon…

We have been doing a lot of work on the website in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, it will continue to grow and improve.

It is our goal that it is a place that you will visit on a regular basis to find out which of your friends is having an Anniversary or Birthday this week!

The Weekly Schedule can be found on the Home Page.
The Ministry Schedule can be found on the Ministry Page.
Upcoming Events (Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.) is found on the News & Updates page, as well as the Calendar. Regular services DO NOT APPEAR on the calendar.
The CPC Connection blog can now be read on the News & Updates page as well.
The Media page is up and running. New pictures have been added.
A Map and Directions area will be added soon (just waiting on confirmation of a name change from the Google server).

Stop by and check it out. Make it a regular stopping place and if you have any ideas of things that need to be added, drop us a line.

We are working on a mobile page for all smartphones. As well, we have been accepted as a free recipient of the design and publication of an app that will be downloadable from iTunes for anyone who has an iPhone. Apologies to Android users… 😉

God Bless.