Sunday School Fun Night

The Event?
Sunday School Fun Night

The Date?
Monday, August 27, 2012

The Start Time?
Meeting at CPC at 5:30 PM

The Finish Time?
Will be back at CPC by 8 PM

The Cost?
The cost will be $3 per child.

The Location?
Will be meeting for prayer at the church at 5:30 PM.
Will be boarding the bus or other transportation to The Corn Maze!

The Attendees?
This is an event for all attendees of the Sunday School classes at CPC.

The Supervision?
Bro. & Sis. John Corcoran

The Transportation?
Meeting at the church.
Transportation will be designated at time of departure.
You may be picked up after 8 PM at CPC.

What Should I Bring?
You may bring your money, a water bottle and a flashlight (if you wish)

See You There!

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