Update – Sis. Hanscom

She has come through the surgery fine.
Seems to have little to no pain, just a slight discomfort. Please pray it continues.

Now begins the “8 week” healing process: 4 weeks with no weight bearing followed by 4 weeks of partial weight bearing.

Thanks to ALL of you have called and texted and messaged her on Facebook. All your words and offers of assistance are appreciated (and will probably be taken!) and have made us very grateful for our church family.

God Bless.

Missing Wallet

Hey, folks. I just received the following email from Bro. Gary. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Good morning pastor,

I remember taking my wallet and keys out of my pocket and setting them on my pew on Saturday, Sep1/12. Colinda remembers seeing it there also. I ended up getting my keys because I drove home but forgot my wallet. I’ve looked in all the places I can think of but still haven’t come up with it.

It’s just a black leather pouch with two open pockets with the first pocket holding about 8 cards and the front pocket holding 3 cards with the first one being my drivers licence.

Please forward this to the church so Lord willing, someone can turn up with it. Thank you!


Gary Lockhart