3D Event

The Date?
Monday, October 15th, 2012

The Start Time?
Meeting at CPC 6:30 PM

The Finish Time?
Will be back at CPC by 9:00 PM

The Cost?

$2.50 attraction ticket ( mini-golf, laser tag or rock climbing )

$2.00/Youth gas surcharge, for church bus or vehicles

$ For what you plan on spending @ Starbucks/Chapters

$10-12 total should be sufficient…unless you’re going on a book spending spree

The Location?
Crystal Palace/Starbucks/Chapters

The Attendees?
This is a 3D Youth Event.

The Supervision?
Bro. & Sis LeBlanc

The Transportation?
Meeting at the church.
You may be picked up after 9:00PM.

What should I bring?

Johnny book coupon for 2fer1 “attraction ticket” crystal palace ( if you have one bring it, if not we have some extra’s )

Looking forward to some fellowship and fun!! See you there.

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