Just Sayin’ Thanks…

I want to say thanks to all our leaders and volunteers who help out around the church from time to time, but today I want to say a very public “Thanks” to Bro. Jason Lewis for fixing the front steps for us this past weekend! Any of you who stepped through the front doors this weekend couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t “do the dipsy” when you came in on Sunday. LOL He is continually working at things around the church (doing stuff I have no clue about, handyman that I am!).

But what I appreciate the most is that he does all of it “just because it needs to be done” and not because I have asked him to. I can’t keep up with the stuff that he does and because I miss so many opportunities to tell him, I am saying it now. Thanks again!

Sunday School FunNight

Good Afternoon,

The SS Event scheduled for tonight has been changed due to the weather.

Instead of a bonfire at Bro. Wesley’s camp, we will be doing inside games at the church

Come play “Grapefruit Relay” and “Donut on a String” with us. Also, we’re gonna have a “Toilet Paper Race” and play “Will it Float?”.

We will finish with some charades. Hope to see you there!

Sis. Ellen – urgent prayer request

Sis. Ellen will find out today if she needs to go on dialysis. She went to the hospital on Tuesday because her creatin levels were through the roof, endangering her transplanted kidney. If the kidney is failing, this means a lot of hours spent at the hospital on a dialysis machine and major life changes.

She asked if the church would pray for today and I said we would. So, lets carry her before the throne as we go there throughout the day.

Prayer Request

Please pray for Tara, Reuben and family. We were privileged to visit and pray with them in Halifax yesterday. Today Tara will be having a 17-hour surgery to remove a tumor from her jaw and then to reconstruct the jawbone using bone from her leg.

I’m sure EVERY PRAYER will be heard by God an appreciated by them.