Hospice Fundraiser

We have a few tickets on hand for this fundraiser presented by the Moncton Hospice Association.

They will be having an afternoon tea and a fashion show featuring clothing from the Hospice Shop.

As your schedule permits, please feel free to support this good cause.

Please see Sis. Hanscom if you wish to purchase a ticket. The price is $10.


Just a couple reminders…

Good afternoon,

Well, folks, summer is winding down (sadly) and we are looking at the end of August. Can you believe how fast the summer has flown? We do rejoice, however, in the way God has been working! What a summer it has been! But now we have to get ready for school to start, so I’m just sending this out to make a few announcements:

SUPER SUNDAY – Service will be at 2 PM.

REGISTRATION FORMS will be available on Sunday. Please fill them out and return by Wednesday.

COMPUTERS need to be brought in on Sunday as well so that they can be made ready for the resumption of class.

SCHOOL BILLS should be current (or arrangements made) before the start of classes.

SCHOOL STARTS on Tuesday, September 3.

God Bless and we’ll see you on the weekend!

Prayer Requests

Just a reminder as we close up on the end of the week…

We had some special prayer requests last weekend:
1. Tara (and family)
2. Bro. Charlie’s co-worker, Reid Davidson, whose father passed away 3. Jim & Donna Caull (Bro. Newcomb’s boss)
4. Melissa & Andrew & Baby – friends of Sis. Kate MacCallum. Their baby was born with the same thing that Cassidy was diagnosed with before she was born. They have been given NO hope. But we know what God can do…

Cole MacCallum – Graduation

Cole will be graduating from Kindergarten on Sunday Evening in a ceremony just prior to the evening service. We are proud of his accomplishments and want to celebrate with him.

After service, at Cafe, he will have a special place where he can eat his lunch and open any gifts which he may receive from his church family. Please feel free to be a part of this celebration with him.