Prop Dismantling

Good Evening!

We would like to have a crew come tonight to take down the props at the church and get them stored somewhere.

If we could meet at 7 PM, that would be great. The better the crowd the faster the job gets done.

Also, I’m looking for a place where we can store this temporarily. If you have space where we could stand it out of the weather while we explore the range of available options for storage containers or similar things, that would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless.

Amended Service Schedule

Today’s Amended Schedule due to the weather.

There is NO SERVICE this Morning.
Service will be THIS AFTERNOON at 2:30 PM.
The lunch which would have served after the play, will instead be served as soon as service is over. There will be NO CHARGE for lunch but donations will be accepted. 🙂 The play will start at 6:30 as previously announced.
This will save everyone a trip.

Please stay safe!
God Bless

Christmas Party CHANGE

Good Evening Parents and Students!

We are sending out this announcement to CANCEL the party that was planned for tomorrow (Thursday).

Please note… there are still some students who have tests, etc. that was supposed to have been completed today.

You MUST CONTACT SIS. DARCI as soon as possible (no later than noon tomorrow) to make arrangements to take care of anything left undone due to the SNOW DAY.

Note: If you must write a test, please make sure that ALL PROJECTS are done and that you are prepared to take the test immediately upon your arrival. Also, if your student leaves a test incomplete at this point, there will be no “grace day” given upon their return to classes in January.

Have a good evening!

School Christmas Party

Dear Parents,

We are planning a Christmas Party for all the students of CPC (Grades 1-12) on Thursday Morning beginning at 9 AM. All activities will be held at CPC.

This is not just for the students of CCA, but also for other children from the church who are homeschooled or are enrolled in other schools.

The party will include fun, games, laughter and lunch. Please bring a flashlight, winter mittens and gloves and a “toonie” per student to help cover the cost of the lunch. Students may be picked up by 1 PM.


PS – Be sure to check the “snow line” for weather details that may affect this event.