Prayer Requests

Please say a prayer for Sis. Sally today. She has been in the hospital since last night and it appears that they are planning to do surgery later this evening.

Also, please continue to pray for Sis. Helen.

Sis. Patty will be going for heart surgery to have a stent inserted on December 23. She is having a lot of chest pains and prayers are appreciated.

Back to You

This post contains a flyer that you may distribute to you friends via email. You should be able to save it to your computer by right clicking.

Send them to They may find seating and ticket reservations there.

Seating is nearly gone for the 15th and is at about 50% for the second performance.

This flyer will be posted on our church FB page and an event will be created. You may also paste this on your personal FB page.


December Activities

This is a heads up for all members of CPC.

There will be NO SERVICE on Wednesday, December 11.
There will be NO SERVICE on Wednesday, December 25.

Because of the “busyness” and the family affairs that will be going on during the Month of December, I have also decided to cancel most extracurricular activities for the month.

That means:
NO Monday Night Bible Studies.
NO Boy’s Club on the 9th. (TONIGHT)
NO Creative Connection on the 10th.
NO 3D Youth on the 16th.
NO Men’s Breakfast on the 28th.
NO Sunday School Fun Night on the 30th.

There WILL BE a Youth Activity this month, on the 29th after the Super Sunday service.

Pastor Hanscom