Awards Night Announcements

Please not the following announcements. I know they have been made in church already, but just to be safe. 🙂

We need ALL MOTHERS at the church on Saturday at 8 PM to assemble the food and to set up the fellowship hall.

Rehearsal for ALL STUDENTS will be Saturday at 8 PM as well.

Choir Practice will be Saturday at 7 PM.

Students need to be at CPC by 6 PM on SUNDAY EVENING.

If your students Honor Roll ribbons have not yet made it to the School Office, please bring them in on Saturday Evening as well.

A final “housekeeping” note for CCA students and parents. Please have all uniforms pressed, cleaned/linted off for Awards Night. – White Shirt with Burgundy Tie/Bowtie
– Black Dress Pants
– Tights for the Little Girls
– Black Hats for the Girls
– Black Dress Shoes for all (cleaned/shined)
– Black Belts for the Boys

Thanks for your cooperation.

God Bless.

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