Salisbury Helping Hands

The following items are in need at the local food bank. If you wish to donate, please bring your donations to the church between now and Sunday.

I am currently working to devise a plan that may be a simpler and more convenient for us as a church body and I will be addressing that in the coming weeks. Thanks for your support.

When you do it to the least of these… you’ve done it unto Him!

· Apple juice

· Cranberry juice
· Juice boxes
· Soda crackers
· White rice
· Icing / cake mixes
· Canned Beans ( yellow/green)
· Canned (peaches, pears )
· Fruit cocktail
· Canned mushrooms
· Canned gravy
· White flour
· Cheez whiz
· Cereal
· Frozen vegetables
· Canned ham
· Dish soap
· Toilet tissue
· Laundry soap
· Body wash

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