Work Bee

The project at the church is completed for now. All the stuff has been moved into the new room… Thanks to Sis. Comeau and company for their hard work today after they took pity on the men who were going to show up to clean tonight. 🙂

Men… thanks for showing up to help last night! We appreciate it!


Thanks to all who showed up to help tonight! You’re making a difference!

There will be no service on Wednesday night. Because of the problems with the Weeks’ tickets, we are having to deliver them to Bangor Wednesday evening.

Also, some of the men will be gathering to do more work at the church. Checking to see if Bro. Levi could use your help would be a great idea. If some of the younger guys showed up, like tonight, we would also be able to paint the walls another coat.

On Thursday Evening, we plan to have the men clean up the area and move stuff into the room. This will ensure it is ready for the shower Friday night and for VBS preparation starting ASAP.

THANKS AGAIN to the men who have showed up to help! We love y’all!

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Good day to you all! We are looking to get a LOT of sheets, thin blankets, area rugs and small rugs in ANY colors to use in making tents and such for Vacation Bible School. Even old curtains would do! If you would be interested in lending us some of these things, it would be greatly appreciated! If you would like to initial the tags to identify your items, we could get them all back to you afterward. Thanks a bunch!

Men’s Work Bee

We would like to have some guys come lend a hand on Tuesday (from 6:30 to 8:30 PM) and Thursday (same time) to help us get the basement completed. Many hands make light work and we don’t want Bro. Levi to get to take all the credit for working alone this week (LOL). Hopefully, most of it will be completed on Tuesday and cleanup will be taking place on Thursday.

Also, please remember that this is a bit of an urgent request due to the events which will require the use of the fellowship hall this weekend and next.

Thanks so much for all your help. It means a lot. Knowing that we can depend on all of you gives us peace of mind as we entertain our friends this week. Y’all are the best!

God Bless


The announcements for the rest of the week are as follows:

The Men’s Work Bee that was announced for tonight was apparently part of the subterfuge that y’all engaged in so you could surprise me with the Weeks’ visit. Therefore, just in case anyone was unaware, there is NO WORK BEE tonight.
However… we will need to put a push on next week so that we will be prepared for the various events that will be taking place here at CPC in early August and which will require the use of the fellowship hall.
Thanks to all of those who have showed up to help with this project. It really is looking great.

There will be service on Saturday PM at 7:30.
Super Sunday service will be at 12 PM (noon). There is NO MEAL after the service. (Subterfuge again…)
Pastor Ben Weeks will be speaking at both of these services.

Thanks again for all your sacrifice that has made this possible.
God Bless.