Thank YOU!

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As I’m sitting here this afternoon, I am filled with an overwhelming thankfulness for each and every one of you who call this place your church. EVERY SINGLE ONE of you is an integral part of the body and, yes, you would be missed! 🙂

I know there are times when you feel overwhelmed by life and the devil will try to convince you that the church and the pastor and your friends don’t love you… but don’t believe a word of it!! JESUS didn’t carry you this far to see you fall!

Your self-imposed pressure to be like everyone else (whether in worship or in finances or in other areas of life) is simply WRONG! God created YOU to be YOU! He LOVES YOU just like that!

Nobody can do everything. Some do well at teaching Bible studies, but struggle to know how to pray with people. Some do well at praying with folks, while others struggle to teach Bible studies. Some do awesome at the prison, some are scared to even go (ahem…). And on and on it goes…

At the end of the day, it’s YOUR WORSHIP that makes you acceptable to HIM and an important part of the Body. Have a blessed day and thanks for being who you are!

Love y’all,
Pastor Hanscom