Thank You!

I want to say a special thank you to the many people who helped with the preparation of the Christmas Banquet and Take Out fundraiser meal. When all was said and done, I felt an overwhelming emotion. The only thing I could think, when it was all done, was about all the hands that helped. Whether you feel your contribution was great or small, it all is so much appreciated. It gave me such a thankfulness for my church family. I want to mention some people by name as many times we just generally thank each one, but I want you to know I truly appreciate it. I also know there were others who intended to help but got called to work, or were sick, as well as some who would have loved to help but just weren’t able. Your desire to help didn’t go unnoticed. I felt your support and encouragement from the sidelines. I hope I have remembered all the names.

Sis. Lisa – contacted all the businesses, sold meals, and collected the orders, as well as helping de-bone the turkeys, and delivered meals on the day of the fundraiser.
Sis. Darci -organized the banquet,tickets, sales, reservations etc. and organized the kitchen & supplies at the new venue, as well as assisted on the day of the fundraiser, and served. She also inspected to make sure each meal went out properly.
Sis. Christa-Lee – cooked ALL the rolls and pumpkin pies, assisted Sis. Lisa in selling, as well as serving on the day of the fundraiser.
Tiffany – organized all the delivery times & details for the accuracy of each meal, and directed the actual delivery process.
Vangie – helped with cooking turkeys and prep work and assisted in the kitchen before the banquet.
Carissa – helped with cooking turkeys and prep work, as well as assisted in the kitchen before the banquet, and assisted the day of the fundraiser.
Russell – assisted me in making the dressing, as well as many other things. Also, served at the fundraiser and assisted in cleanup, loading vehicles to return to the church and unloading once we arrived.
Belinda – peeled, chunked and julienned carrots, prepping all the vegetables to be cooked with the turkeys.
Saffron – assisted me in the kitchen peeling, chopping, prepping vegetables, as well as assisted me on my trip to town to get the final grocery run, saving me much time…as well as helping decorate.
Alisha – assisted Tiffany in the organizing process, helped in the kitchen prep work, as well as also making a trip to town with me to help me get done faster, and then serving and helping in the kitchen the day of the fundraiser and helping decorate.
Sis. Debbie – helped the day of the fundraiser, serving, and preparing food.
Bro. & Sis. Warren Lewis – all the little condiment containers that had cranberry jelly, in them, is thanks to these people, as well as helping set up and tear down. Also, Sis. Jane came and helped de-bone and chop turkeys.They also donated squash.
Bro. Jason Lewis – assisted in the kitchen Sunday, lifting the heavy roasters and keeping food stirred, and watched them as I ran back and forth between the ovens at the church and parsonage. He then delivered it all to the hall.
Brendon – oversaw setup and teardown of the hall and sound system. Also, he spent hours mashing potatoes for me!
Sis. Janette – helped in the kitchen at the hall the day of the banquet and spent the afternoon assisting and then keeping the pans full while the buffet line went through. She also donated squash
Sis. Karen – Came in and finished cleaning up the church kitchen on Saturday night after I had spent many hours there cooking. Then, she took the laundry home to wash it, helped in the kitchen at the banquet on Sunday Afternoon while the rest of us got to sit down, and also helped decorate
Sis. Joanne – served and assisted the day of the fundraiser and kept us on track for getting the meals out on time
Bro. & Sis. Corcoran – This lady was responsible for the decorating, setting the tables and putting it all back. They together helped in the kitchen also on the day of the banquet, assisted and served the day of the fundraiser. She also assisted in pie crust making
Bro. & Sis. Newcomb – delivered & served the day of the banquet
Bro. R. Diamond – Picked up turkeys for me, saving me $$ and time
Sis. Colinda – helped de-bone and chop turkeys
Sis. Melissa – made all the pie crusts and helped make all the apple pies, along with cooking them the day of the events and chopped bread for the dressing; she also helped decorate
Sis. Brenda – helped make the apple pies and chopped bread for the dressing; she also assisted with cleanup after the banquet
Colleen & Kayla – helped make the apple pies and peeled potatoes for the dressing
Keith, Kleve & Jesse – helped with set up dismantling at the hall and deliver food the day of the fundraiser; they then came back to the church to help clean up.
Sara – delivered meals
Bro. Jason Cormier – peeled ALL the potatoes TWICE… 😉 and helped clean up
Sis. Ginette, Sis. Amanda, Bro. Rex, Bro. Charlie – helped with clean up after the banquet
Sis. Sally – washed all the table linens
Bro. Wesley – donated turnip & carrots

There were also several ladies that heated food in their ovens and took responsibility to make sure it got delivered to the hall timely and hot! A huge load lifted off of me at the final stages! Thank you so much!

I am well aware that I cannot mention each thing that each person has done. I also know there are others who helped with cleanup that I didn’t see because I was in the kitchen. I do want you to know it was all such a big help. I don’t often mention names, but when compliments are given for an event “WELL DONE” I want to make sure you all know that I don’t take those compliments for myself only. I realize that this could not have happened without a multitude of people who have willing hands and hearts to help this be successful.

I get emotional all over again thinking about all the help I received and I could NEVER have done it alone or without you. We served a total of 268 people and have received many compliments from both the banquet and fundraiser meals. You all deserve part of the credit for this, whether you supported in purchasing a meal, donating time or supplies, or wishing in your heart you could have — a huge THANK YOU goes out to you. I love you and hope you get time to relax and enjoy the holiday season with your families. God Bless & Merry Christmas!

Sis. Hanscom

One thought on “Thank You!

  1. A very well written letter but we all know the work could not be done without your vision , leadership & hard work . We love & appreciate you .

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