Furniture Needs

Bro. Ben and Bro. Dennis are moving into an apartment in Salisbury this Saturday! We are very proud of them!

They have already accumulated a good bit of furniture but are in need of a few more things such as end tables, lamps, etc.

If you have ANY ITEMS that you would offer to them, please send an email to Bro Eric Robitaille He will tell them what you have made available and they will let you know which things they still are in need of at that time. Thanks so much.

Pastor Hanscom

25 February, 2015 17:19

Due to the updated forecast from Environment Canada, we are cancelling service for tonight. Plows have been taken off the road in some places and we wish all of you to stay home, warm and safe. Let’s have a great weekend with Bro. Wofford!

Updated cancellation info can also be found on the website.

Please pass this along to anyone you know may not be following us on social media. Thanks.