Prayer Meeting Cancelled – Part 2

I went to the church to make sure it was suitable for any who would possibly show up for personal prayer. It was warm! 🙂

However, the road isn’t plowed. Still one lane and it is only tire tracks. The wind is still drifting very bad. The front doors have 5′ of snow in front of them.

So, Please refrain from coming tonight… But if you must, please just come and shovel! There is only one here at the church though, so you may want to bring additional ones for your other family members. Lol

Love you all! Stay warm! Stay safe! God Bless!


Due to the impending weather conditions which are almost certain to impact our services tomorrow, it has been requested that we have service tonight at 7:30. Since its a long week with no Sunday service, I think that’s a wise idea.

So, choir practice is cancelled and replaced with service. See you at 7:30.

God Bless.

PS – I understand that some may miss due to work schedules. But we’d all miss if we wait until tomorrow. 🙂

Website Refresh

As of last weekend, our old website has been taken down and updated with a fresh look and a design that is built to function much better on a mobile phone or tablet.

There are a number of reasons for the change — the biggest one being a significant financial savings — but we are very excited that included with this new hosting plan is an App (yes, we will do it for Android as well… lol) that is unique to our church and will send you push notifications of announcements, etc.

While this isn’t rolled out as of yet, please stay tune for more announcements in this regard.