Easter Sunday – Invite a Friend

Good Morning!

As you know, Easter Sunday is the most “churched” day of the year and sometimes people who are not open to attending at any other time may exhibit interest in coming this weekend. This being the case, I thought perhaps a graphic invitation that could be used in our social media feeds would be a good way to pique interest and unobtrusively remind those we’ve been talking to about Jesus to come with us to service this weekend.

We are excited to have the Channell family with us and they will be singing and preaching in both services. Wouldn’t you love to see the “Risen Saviour” rise in someone’s life on Sunday?

Have a blessed day!

* * * * *

Please download the image in the NEXT POST (lol) and use in your social media feed this week. It is sized to fit perfectly (600×600, 326 dpi) in Instagram and can be used in Twitter, Facebook and/or an email attachment. On a computer, you can click and “download”. On a mobile device, you can save and then import into your SM of choice.

Sis. Jessica will post this on the church feeds as well, so you can simply screen shot from there if the above instructions don’t work for you.


Mix it with prayer and faith… and see what God will do.

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