CCA Awards Night Announcements

Students need to be here by 5:30pm on Sunday Evening.
🙂 Showered and smelling good is a grand idea!
Please have all uniforms pressed and neat.
School Uniforms with white shirts, burgundy tie or bowtie, for boys, white blouses/shirts for girls.
Tights for the little girls.
Black shoes for all

Let’s have a little bit of fun and fellowship… and take time for some worship as well.

See you then.

Graduation Celebration – 2015

Tiffany has secured the East Side Mario’s restaurant on Trinity Drive for friends and family on Saturday Evening at 8 PM, to fellowship and celebrate her Graduation. She really would like for you to come. However, space is limited, so your timely response would be greatly appreciated. You may contact her directly by email, text, phone or in person. For obvious reasons, we are unable to post that information on this blog. Thanks and we hope to see you there.