There will be no school tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13!

The adhesive which will be used to install the new carpet will create a dense cloud of toxic and hazardous fumes… well, not quite, but it will be very stinky! So, we are cancelling class for tomorrow and will make it up, if necessary, on Friday.

God Bless. Enjoy the day with your family.

Also, don’t forget there is no service tomorrow night.

CLEANING BEE: Blog 2 of 3

In preparation for our year end events, we will need to have a Cleaning Bee at the church. Many late nights have already been put in and a lot of the work that was needed has already been done. Sis. Darci has painted the Activity Center. Sis. Hanscom has painted all the trim downstairs. Sis. Karen has painted the trim upstairs and touched up. We have carpenters here today working on our stage, as well as carpet installers who have removed the old carpet from the basement in preparation for new carpet tomorrow. We want it clean and sparkly for the big day!

So, the Cleaning Bee that was scheduled for Saturday, May 16th at 9:00 A.M. will be open for everyone because there will be a lot dusting and wiping down to be done once the projects being done this week are completed. Thank you in advance for your helping hearts and hands as we prepare to show our “best effort” at keeping His house in good repair. If we get lots of help, because of what has already been done, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

School Announcements: Blog 1 of 3

Good Afternoon,

Much of this information has already been disseminated, but it needs to be reiterated again at this time.

The plans for our Annual Awards Night Banquet and Graduation are well underway and we are excited about celebrating with you and your students. Everyone has worked hard and now we need a party!


Bro. & Sis. Weeks will be with us in a couple weeks and we are planning to have him speak at Tiffany’s graduation (congratulations, by the way, Tiffany!) which will be held on Saturday, May 23 at 1 PM. This is a slight change from the previously scheduled June date, made because of our guest speaker. They will be singing and ministering in our services that weekend as well.


Awards Night/Kindergarten Graduation will be Super Sunday Evening, May 31st. Natalie and Mason will be graduating that night and we invite you to celebrate this accomplishment by bringing them some cards and “prizes”. Their parents have done an awesome job teaching them and it speaks highly of their commitment to excellence. We will have a little table set up for them after the ceremony.

For Awards Banquet this year, instead of everyone having groceries to pick up and deliver, Sis Hanscom has so graciously offered to pick up the supplies for everyone. The cost for each family will be $15.00 and can be given to Sis Darci anytime before May 10th (whoops… I guess some missed the deadline. LOL) on Sunday.

We are doing sandwiches, punch and chips again this year. Sandwich rolls, punch ingredients and cheese were donated to the church, so this is making it possible to cut the cost for the parents. “The blessing of the Lord maketh rich…”

Your children and their teacher have been working hard to make the awards banquet an entertaining evening for everyone, so their final practice will be on Saturday, May 30th at 8:00 P.M. At the same time we will need all mothers to help set up the basement and assemble sandwiches in the church kitchen. If you are not a mom and would still like to help, the door WILL be left unlocked. 🙂

We are going to race the clock and try to be done the same time the students are done practicing. I think we can do it!!

God Bless.