School Bill Payments

For your information and inconvenience, payments on your school bill can now be made with Visa and MasterCard. We are investigating a means of accepting debit, which we feel actually be more feasible in every way.

All payments made via credit card will be charged a small service fee to cover the expenses incurred by the church for the processing of these payments.

We are currently working to develop a new financial model that will make schooling more affordable and we will be sitting down with parents of current and all future students to discuss these options. Thank you for your patience as we work toward making good things greater…

Thank you.

Attention Ladies…

Dear ladies of CPC:

This is the big weekend of the PC Catering Event that our church is doing in support of the Building Fund. I hope we are all ready for this :-).

I am in need of about 6 to 7 volunteers, to help serve food. This is NOT waiting on tables. This is just dishing up the plates for the main meal only.

You would need to be at the Riverview Rec center by 6:30 sharp. You will be done and on your way by 7:30 if the program goes as planned on schedule. You will not be seen, so there is no specific dress requirement and I will have aprons there for you to put on when you arrive.

If you are able to help please text, email or call me ASAP.

God bless,
Sis. Hanscom


If you are unable to attend service this evening due to sickness, please feel free to sign in via Periscope. This app is available on the App Store for free and now is available for the Android also, I believe.

You must have a Twitter account to use this, but if you already have a Twitter account, you can sign in using that Username and Password. Then, you simply need to send a follow request to great_church and we will approve you prior to starting the live feed at 7:20. It IS a CLOSED FEED so you will not be able to tune in once service has started.

If you decide to do this, you will receive a notification that we are streaming and you simply click the play button to receive the stream on your device.

God Bless and Get Well!

Father’s Day Project

Parents of Sunday School Kids,

We are planning to do a Video Presentation for Father’s Day that is going to require some input from your children. 🙂 We will be sitting each of them down in front of a camera (some siblings may appear together) and asking them a list of questions that we have compiled. We will then edit and arrange them for the final product. We anticipate this to be a very personal,memorable and entertaining video that we can offer to the Dad’s this Father’s Day.

To this end, Bro. Kevin LeBlanc and Bro. John Corcoran will be collecting some footage over the next week or so, beginning this evening. This may require your children to come to the church for a few minutes. They will contact each of you to arrange this.

Thanks so much for your help with this. Watch the @cpclittlepeople Instagram feed for some previews…