Prayer Request

Good Evening:

This is to ask for prayer for Pastor Hanscom. He had a spell this afternoon. I immediately was able to get him to his Dr. and thus avoided the long wait in Emerg. They feel he is suffering from diverticulitis and are doing tests now. Thank you in advance for your prayers, we know God is in control.

Sis. Hamscom


Good Evening!

We have safely arrived and I must apologize for somehow missing sending out announcements for this week.

Wednesday Night – Prayer Meeting

Sunday – The Channells will be with you for both services.

In other news:
Please get your children’s uniforms from Sis. Darci this week if necessary. She will be at the school throughout the day. You may want to call or email ahead to ensure when she will be there.

The meeting regarding school will be scheduled as soon as I get home. Please be praying for wisdom as we move toward a better way!

Every student will need a Bible for school.

Also, if you could provide a notebook for them which the staff can use for communication, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and God Bless!We love you all.