In recent weeks, there has arisen a bit of confusion with regards to the regularly scheduled events at CPC. I understand the confusion since we do cut back a lot of things for the summer months, only resuming them in the fall.

So, going forward, our weekly schedule looks like this:

Wednesday PM @ 7:30 Weekly Bible Study

Saturday PM @ 7 Choir Practice

Sunday AM @ 10 Sunday School

Sunday AM @ 10:30 Morning Worship

Sunday PM @ 6 Evening Worship

These things may or may not be announced, but they are scheduled weekly.

Please do not expect an email to re-announce these events. If an email is sent out regarding any of these, it is intended only as a courtesy reminder and not an indication that it is now on the schedule. It takes time to do all of these things and it is not our intention to fill your inbox or Social Media feeds with unnecessary things.

CANCELLATIONS WILL BE sent out via social media streams and if there is not enough time to guarantee it’s receipt, you will be notified by phone or text personally. In the absence of a cancellation notice, please plan your schedule around these times.

Finally, as a courtesy on your part, if you are unable to attend or serve at any function or event for which you are expected, please notify the appropriate individual.

Thanks. Y’all are the best folks ever.