Update on Bro. Dyer

He was taken off the sedation medication and feeding tube this morning at 4am. They did an X-ray of his lungs this morning and the left is starting to improve but the right is still pretty bad. They decided to send him for a lung scan. They thought he may have abcesses on right lung due to having pneumonia for so long. But, the results came back good.

The dr said that they would leave the tubes in until tmr sometime. But all that changed once the dr went in to see him and seen the changes from even this morning earlier. So the tubes came out around 2:30pm today and they put an oxygen mask on him. Took out the catheter as well. He was able to talk to us and told mom he wanted to go home! Lol
He ate a bit of supper, and can drink. He now just has oxygen tubes in nose. Everything seems to be going good so far.

We are thanking Jesus for touching him and bringing him this far.

Bro. Dyer

We have just been talking to Sis. Tasha again and they are inducing her dad back into a coma and hooking him back up to the respirator. He is unable to exhale properly and his body is going back into the same state which is brought to the hospital. Please continue to pray for him and the family and especially Sis. Tasha. Thank you and God bless.

Emergency Prayer Request (Bro. Dyer) and Follow Up (Sis. Tammy’s Mom)

Sis. Tasha just reached out to us with an urgent prayer request for her dad.

Her dad was rushed to Grand Falls hospital earlier this evening and is now in the ICU in Edmunston. He is in septic shock and semi responsive. He’s been fighting sickness since October and recently came down with pneumonia; he has been on antibiotics but it has not helped. The family has just contacted her and they are putting him into an induced coma.

All of your prayers would be appreciated.

Followup – Thanks for your prayers last night. Sis. Tammy’s mom has improved. Her blood pressure is mostly stabilized and she has regained her ability to talk, etc. Still keep her in your prayers as she is dealing with a number of sickness-related issued in her own family as well. Thanks.

Prayer Request

There have been several prayer requests come in over the last couple days. Please keep Sis. Darci in your prayers as she is suffering terribly with her back. Sis. Barb is suffering with her back as well. Sis. Joanne has requested that we pray for her and both of the LeBlanc boys and Philip are needing prayer as well. Thanks for your concern for your church family. At times like these, we surely need one another.

Have a great day.

Drama Announcements

The play tonight will start at 6:30.

Cast members should be there by 5 PM at the latest.
Musicians should be there by 5:20 PM.
The choir is asked to wear red, white and black.
The shepherds do not have to come to the church until 5:50 PM.
Ushers, greeters and ticket staff should be in place by 5:30 PM.

Please keep your eye on this blog for more information as necessary. Thanks.