Update on Bro. Dyer

He was taken off the sedation medication and feeding tube this morning at 4am. They did an X-ray of his lungs this morning and the left is starting to improve but the right is still pretty bad. They decided to send him for a lung scan. They thought he may have abcesses on right lung due to having pneumonia for so long. But, the results came back good.

The dr said that they would leave the tubes in until tmr sometime. But all that changed once the dr went in to see him and seen the changes from even this morning earlier. So the tubes came out around 2:30pm today and they put an oxygen mask on him. Took out the catheter as well. He was able to talk to us and told mom he wanted to go home! Lol
He ate a bit of supper, and can drink. He now just has oxygen tubes in nose. Everything seems to be going good so far.

We are thanking Jesus for touching him and bringing him this far.

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