SS FunNight and Bible Study

Contrary to last night’s announcement, THERE WILL BE Sunday School FunNight tonight. Some volunteers have stepped forward to render assistance in order to allow this to take place.

So, both Bible Study and Fun Night will commence at 6:30 and conclude by 8 PM.

Thank you for your understanding and thanks to our volunteers for stepping up.

God Bless.

Choir Practice – Cancelled

We are proactively cancelling choir practice for this weekend due to the predicted storm.


  • Please keep checking your social media feed of choice for information about event and service cancellations.
  • We will endeavour to make them at least 3 hours in advance of any event or service.
  • Please be sure to pass along the news to anyone you know who is not connected via social media.

A big thank you to Sis. Jessica for keeping these things rolling smoothly.

Prayer Request

Please continue to be in prayer for the man who was electrocuted and whose family our friends from PEI met at the hospital. Sis. Brenda was in to visit this evening and the news is a mix of good and bad. However, that is not the end of the story: they are believing for a miracle and she felt a good touch of the Holy Ghost while talking to Jesus on their behalf this evening. Let’s continue to hold that family up in our prayers. Thanks.