The Difference a Click Can Make

We have never posted anything like this on our blog before, but we are asking for your help.

Charles Burrell, the founder of The Humanity Project, has been nominated as a community leader in an attempt to win a prize of $10,000. As you know, he and his volunteers do more than feed the hungry, they go out on the streets and find homeless people and bring them in out of the weather and work hard to give them a handup.

All you have to do to help this cause is click on this link , or visit my Facebook page. From there you can search (highest to lowest votes) and vote by with two clicks. Yes. It’s that easy. Just two clicks.

He is currently in second place to a man who runs a shelter for animals, a cause that I admire, but that has less value than helping “the least of these my brethren”.

I didn’t check with her before doing this, but Sis. Joanne Diamond has offered, via her Facebook page, to assist anyone who needs help remembering. lol. Visit her on Facebook to take her up on that offer.

It isn’t often you get to make a difference by just clicking your mouse. If we could do it as often as we are able (every 24 hours) I think we could make a huge difference.

Thanks for considering this.
God Bless.

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