Crossroads App

If you haven’t yet picked up your Crossroads app at the App Store or the Google Play Store, please do so. We had some bugs to be worked out of it in the beginning, but it does seem to be working fine now. If you have issues with it, please let us know.

Upon opening the app, it does take a second to retrieve any updates from the source files. You will see a notice of activity.

Turn notifications on for the app to get up to the minute announcements. We have NOT used that portion of the app yet, but once it is rolled out (it’s working, just not utilized yet) you will get an alert on your screen when things need to be pushed out at the last minute, like SNOW DAYS and CANCELLATIONS and events that are cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions.

First Wednesday Family Prayer

Good Afternoon,

Just sending out this note to remind everyone that tonight, being the first Wednesday, is Family Prayer.

I have had some of the new folks asking about prayer meeting and what it is, so I thought I’d send out this note to share our vision for prayer meeting. We are hoping for a great time together, and in order to avoid anyone being surprised when they arrive tonight, we will start at 7 PM with a song to help gather our thoughts and clear our minds from the day. We will have prayer meeting as usual, and will conclude (between 7:45 and 8 PM, always making room for the spirit to move) by all of us praying with, and for, one another.

I know that we have MANY children and I would encourage you to have them pray with you, and if necessary, feel free to bring them a book or a quiet toy with which to amuse themselves. It is great exposure for them to be at prayer meeting. I remember many times as a child being on my knees beside my dad, listening to the many voices being lifted around the sanctuary. Making these memories for our children is a worthy endeavour.

Special prayer request cards will be available in the entrance of the church as you arrive tonight. If you wish for the church to pray specifically for these needs at the end of the service, please fill it out and we will bring it before the church prior to dismissal.

It seems, sometimes, as if we subconsciously consider prayer meeting to be a “less important” service than all the others, but we do not want that to be the case at CPC. Let this be a visit that nets you great spiritual strength! May God richly bless you in the remainder of your day. Hope to see you tonight.

“Bring your needs to Jesus. He’s got this!”

Sports Dome Update

Just a quick note to say that the kids can start showing up at 5:45 at sports dome so they ready to start right at 6. Also, there will be tables set up for them in case they need to take a break. They will need to bring their own drinks and snacks. Looking forward to the little people having a great time together.

A Free Marriage Enrichment E-Book

For anyone who is interested, this book is being given away from multiple retailers in the next day or so.

I have included below the links for both Amazon (Kindle) and iBooks (Apple Devices). It is available from others as well.