ATTN: Ushers & Musicians

On Monday Evening, December 5, we are excited to host our ushers and musicians at Gusto’s on Westmoreland Street in Moncton.
The gift certificates are all prepared and can be picked up tonight after service from the ushers at the back. Look forward to a fun evening of fellowship.

December 9 – The Humanity Project

On Friday, December 9, our church is serving and feeding at The Humanity Project. We haven’t done this for several months, but the process is still the same. We will be serving about 150 people so 15-18 casseroles will be needed. Just make up your family’s favourite casserole at some point between now and next Friday and let Bro. Kevin know Sunday morning after the service if you can help out with this project. He will let you know when you sign up whether or not they need to be cooked ahead of time.


Today is Super Sunday so there is just one service at 12 PM (noon).There will be NO CHILDREN’S CHURCH today.

Catalyst has reservations at Unplugged in Riverview at 7 PM.
Please see the Catalyst Facebook page for more information.

There will be NO SCHOOL at CCA
There will be NO BIBLE STUDY at 6:45 pm
There will be NO SUNDAY SCHOOL FUN NIGHT at 6:30 pm