Service Tomorrow

Due to the fact that many in the church are yet without power, and because there will be a lot of necessary activity related to the outage once power is restored, we are moving service to 3pm

PS – If you know of someone who WILL NOT get this message from any of these platforms, please reach out and pass the word along.


There will be no service tonight due to the continuing weather and it’s fallout. I am hearing that most of us are still without electricity and even if it were to be restored in the next hour or so, church would not be ready for us this evening.

Hopefully you all are well and warm. I am sorry to hear that some of you have experienced flooding in basements. 😦 If you’re a member of CPC and you are experiencing needs of a more immediate nature, please reach out and let us know. We will do what we can to help.

So, stay warm. Stay safe.

We love you all.

God Bless.


Attn: CPC Choir.

Choir Practice has been cancelled for this evening, due to unforeseen circumstances.
However, Sis. Hanscom would like to meet in the Church basement Sunday night to discuss practice schedules going forward.
If you have any input as to what was discussed last practice, please text or email her, as we’d like to make a decision that works best for all!

Thanks a bunch!