Sis. Debbie Goodine has been taking care of our baptismal towels (as needed) but recently there have been some issues involving her well. If you could help out with this task, please let Sis. Hanscom know ASAP. Thanks.

We are needing a volunteer to look after the tablecloths here at the church. It is a task that is irregular in nature and varies depending upon the events that are ongoing (some events require one, some several, etc.). If you are looking for something you can do in your own home that will be an asset to the kingdom, this may be for you. Please let Sis. Hanscom know if you are able. Thanks.



As was announced on Sunday, please remember the following schedule change, relevant only for TONIGHT.

Family Prayer begins at 7 PM.
Children’s Church begins at 7 PM TONIGHT also.

If this proves to be difficult, we will simply move prayer to a 7:30 time slot next month and Children’s Church will remain at 7:30 as usual.