Sunday School FunNight

As you no doubt deduced from the lack of announcement, there will be NO SUNDAY SCHOOL FunNight.

Also, as we are in the process of getting the Record Checks done from our volunteers, we will not be proceeding with this particular event until we have an appropriate number of cleared volunteers.

Thank you to those who have stepped up! We appreciate your service!

God Bless.

Background Checks

This is just a helpful “heads up” regarding the collection of our background checks as discussed on Wednesday Evening. They may be done at the Riverview Detachment of the RCMP. However, they are not doing them “on the spot”.

If you would like to save yourself a trip to Riverview during business hours, please take, along with your letter of request, a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


Service Tomorrow

There will be ONE SERVICE tomorrow at the regular service time. 10 AM – Prayer & Sunday School
10:30 AM – Morning Worship

Immediately following service, we will be having the awards ceremony for the students of CCA, followed by a BBQ provided for you by the parents and staff as a Thank You for your support through the year.

There will be NO CHOIR PRACTICE.

If it rains, arrangements are in place to serve you just the same.

God Bless. Y’all are the best!

Attention: CCA Parents

Good Afternoon,

As we’ve announced previously, we will be celebrating with the students immediately following the Sunday Morning service. They’ve worked hard and we want to celebrate their successes!

Since the groceries and supplies have already been purchased, we are asking each student family to donate $15 towards the meal. Also, if we could have the moms help out with serving in the kitchen and the dads can take part in the grilling… we’ll have lunch served and cleaned up before you know it.

Thanks for all your help.
You’re the greatest.