Good Evening/Morning… or whenever you get this!

I first of all want to say a big thanks to everyone who has called, left messages on my voicemail, texted, brought cards, Facebook messaged or emailed your encouragement and concern. Every single gesture is greatly appreciated.

As for me, I had the Lithotripsy treatment Friday morning and have actually had an hour or so today when I almost felt normal. Unfortunately, no kidney stones have miraculously appeared and I am still having to take painkillers. This can apparently continue for up to 48 hours (and possible longer… here’s hoping not…). I have follow-up at the hospital on Tuesday and then I will know more. Until then, I still need your prayers. Thanks.

I do not believe that I will be in service tomorrow morning, unfortunately. If I feel up to it, I am going to try to get out for the evening service. Bro. Channell is coming up to preach for us so we know it’s going to be good. Either way, I will be praying that you have a wonderful time in both services tomorrow.

Thanks to each of you (musicians, worship leaders, praise singers, ushers, media and sound people) who are going to faithfully lead in our absence. Your faithfulness, as well as the faithfulness of everyone who shows up to worship and support is even more greatly appreciated in moments like this.

Next Sunday, October 8, Bro. Joiner and Sis. Hailey Hernandez will be joining us for Sunday Morning service. We look forward to their ministry.

The following weekend, October 15, Bro. & Sis. McGuire will be with us for both services. They will also be speaking at our Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.

Our group in Belize is having a wonderful time from all appearances and reports. We look forward to hearing their stories and seeing their pictures when they return. Please pray for them as they travel this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

God Bless.
Pastor Hanscom


Good Afternoon!

I normally would not send out this type of email, but there have been so many of you who have reached out in concern that this is about the only way to make sure I can reach every one of you.

First, I want to say a special thanks to all of you who have prayed for me or have called/texted to offer your help. After a week of attacks, I got in to see my own doctor on Monday afternoon and she ultimately told me that I could not possibly accompany our group to Belize, so they have gone on without me. My heart is with them but my body is firmly stuck here, along with my kidney stones.

On that front, I have been controlling the pain (for the most part) with medication and I am now scheduled for Lithotripsy on Friday morning. That should be the end of it… for now, at least.

I want to thank Bro. Channell for coming up to fill in on Sunday. He will be back again this weekend. Thanks to Sis. Melissa for playing and Bro. Steven for running the service and to Sis. Hanscom for making sure it all worked together… and that I didn’t mess it up in my stupor. LOL

Thanks again for all your prayers and I will continue to count on them as we head to the conclusion of this matter.

God Bless.
Pastor Hanscom

This Weekend

This weekend’s schedule with

Pastor Ron Wofford

Parsons, TN

Friday Evening @ 7:30 PM

Leadership Session

Leaders and Volunteers should have received their email invitation yesterday.

Saturday Evening @ 7:30 PM

Special Bible Study Session

Everyone Welcome

Sunday Morning @ 10:30 AM

Morning Worship & Word

Sunday Afternoon @ 4:45 PM

Choir Practice

Sunday Evening @ 6 PM

Evening Worship & Word