Weather Related News…

Please check our social media sites for announcements during times of adverse weather.

If you know someone who does not receive social media announcements, please make sure to pass along whatever news is forthcoming.

A couple notes to clarify cancellation policy:
1. Service is never cancelled just because we don’t want to have church.
2. Service cancellation is not an arbitrary decision, but one that is made after consulting with members who have already been out on the road, including those who may be working that day or those who are doing snow removal. Their reports have tremendous weight on our decisions.
3. While many of us live close to the church, there is a significant portion of our congregation that must drive 15km or more. This also plays a part.
4. We also take into account the time it takes for people to get “cleaned out” after a storm, what the weather is supposed to do up to, during, and after church time. We don’t want you to just arrive safely, we want you to be able to return home safely as well.
5. For this reason, sometimes we make a call that later we wish we had not, or that may seem overly cautious to some.
We totally understand those feelings and simply ask that you bear with us in our attempt to keep those we love safe and sound so we CAN worship together at another time.
6. If it seems adverse and service was NOT cancelled, please know that we simply left it open for anyone who is able to make it in. Finally, no matter what decision is made with regards to cancellation, ALWAYS use your BEST JUDGMENT when putting your family on the road.

We love you.
Stay safe.
See you in the morning (hopefully… the power just went off here at the church about ten minutes ago for a second…).

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